Monday, December 21, 2009

WebSphere JMS Sample Application

My previous blog I outlined the steps required to configure JMS resources for WebSphere Application Server 7.0. In that blog I promised to put together a sample application that can be installed to WebSphere Application Server and demonstrates three different implementations of sending JMS messages to a queue and retrieving the messages from a queue. The sample application is an Eclipse project interchange file. If you have Rational Application Developer installed on your computer you should be able to import this project into your workspace without too much hassle. Alternatively you can always use your favourite decompression tool to extract the contents to your local drive and then view the source from there.

Below are two diagrams describing the JMS runtime resources configured for the sample application:

Programmatic / Spring implementation

EJB3 implementation

Web client
To test the application I created a very simple web application that is used to trigger the sending of a JMS text message to a queue as well as to retrieve the message from the queue. I decided to use the Spring MVC  web framework to keep things simple. Below is a screen shot of the jms-tester web page:

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